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Argumentation as a Methodology to Reason over Inconsistency

Seminário do Grupo de Lógica, Inteligência Artificial
e Métodos Formais - LIAMF
Seminário Registrado na CPG do IME/USP
Página: http://www.ime.usp.br/~liamf/seminarios/index.html

Título: "Argumentation as a Methodology to Reason over Inconsistency"

Palestrante: Martin Moguillansky

Data:   16/04/2009, 14h00
Local:  Sala 241A, IME-USP


Since early times of ancient Greece, argumentation theory has been
applied to different areas of science. From philosophy, passing through
law, to civil dialogue; in the last decades argumentation has being
theorized into a practical approach, gaining the attention of computer
scientists. Specifically, in artificial intelligence, argumentation has
being applied with the objective of reasoning about non-monotonic

Argumentative reasoning methodologies are devoted to the decision of
which arguments should prevail from a potentially conflicting
environment. Bridging the frontiers of philosophy to knowledge
representation, argumentation may provide a powerful methodology to
reason about inconsistent knowledge bases. In consequence, novel
approaches of knowledge base change arise as one of the promissory

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