quarta-feira, 14 de outubro de 2009

Linguistic Variables of Type-N. A Mathematical Model - Seminários do LoLITA (UFRN)


mais um seminário do LoLITA. Seguem as informações:

Linguistic Variables of Type-N.   A Mathematical Model

Prof. Regivan Hugo Nunes Santiago (DIMAp-UFRN)

Local: Auditório do CCET
Dia: 16-Out-09
Horário: 09:00hs

Resumo This talk shows a model for linguistic variables and the fuzzyfication process for fuzzy systems which deals with different level of uncertainty in the same linguistic variables. Those systems are called here Systems of Type-n. We introduce concepts like n-Homogeneous linguistic variables which emphasises the ocurrence of different levels of uncertainty in such Fuzzy systems. The most important result is the statement of the General Fuzzification Expression (GFE) which establishes how the fuzzification process must be calculated in every system of type-n.

Keywords: Fuzzy Sets, Type-n Fuzzy sets, Systems of Type-n, n-homogeneous linguistic variables, heterogeneous linguistic variables.

Prof. Dr. Regivan Hugo Nunes Santiago
Group of Logic, Language, Information, Theory and Applications - LoLITA
Department of Informatics and Applied Mathematics - DIMAp
Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte - UFRN
Campus Universitario, Lagoa Nova, 59.072-970, Natal, RN, Brasil
Phone: +55 84 3215-3814 Ext. 228
Fax:  +55 84 3215-3813
e-mail: regivan AT DOMAIN=dimap,ufrn,br.

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