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Building medical ontologies using Description Logics: what does it buy us?, Prof. Franz Baader (TU Dresden)

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From: Renata Wassermann (IME-USP)
Date: 2009/6/19
Subject: Seminário do LIAMF dia 25/6
To: liamf-anuncios

Na próxima semana receberemos a visita do Prof. Franz Baader (TU
Dresden) que apresentará o último seminário do semestre. Notem o local
diferente do usual.

Todos são bem-vindos.

 Seminário do Grupo de Lógica, Inteligência Artificial
 e Métodos Formais - LIAMF
 Seminário Registrado na CPG do IME/USP
 Página: http://www.ime.usp.br/~liamf/seminarios/index.html

Título: Building medical ontologies using Description Logics: what does
it buy us?

Palestrante: Prof. Franz Baader (TU Dresden)

Data: 25/06/09, 14:00hrs
Local: Auditório Jacy Monteiro IME-USP


Description Logics (DL) are a successful family of logic-based
knowledge representation languages, which can be used to represent
the conceptual knowledge of an application domain in a structured
and formally well-understood way. They are employed in various
application domains, such as natural language processing, databases,
the semantic web, and biomedical ontologies.

The talk will first give a brief introduction into DL and an overview of
the research in this area of the last 20 years. It will then argue that
Description Logics are well-suited for defining medical ontologies.
In particular, it will concentrate on the use of the light-weight DL
EL in the definition of the large medical ontology SNOMED.

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