terça-feira, 22 de maio de 2007

Reasoning about depth and motion from an observer's viewpoint

Seminário do Grupo de Lógica, Inteligência Artificial
e Métodos Formais - LIAMF
Seminário Registrado na CPG do IME/USP
Página: http://www.ime.usp.br/~liamf/seminarios/index.html

Título: Reasoning about depth and motion from an observer's viewpoint

Palestrante: Paulo E. Santos -- FEI, Sao Paulo

Data e Local: dia 28.05.07 às 16:00 hs

Local: Sala 242 - Bloco A - IME - USP


In this talk I present a logic-based formalism for representing knowledge about objects in space and their movements, and show how this knowledge could be built up from the viewpoint of an observer immersed in a dynamic world. Space is represented using functions that extract attributes of depth, size and distance from
snapshots of the world.

These attributes compose a novel spatial reasoning system named Depth Profile Calculus (DPC). Transitions between qualitative relations involving these attributes are represented by an extension of this calculus called Dynamic Depth Profile Calculus (DDPC). We argue that knowledge about objects in the world could be built up via a process of abduction on DDPC relations.

I'm also going to discuss some current developments of this framework and avenues for future work.

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